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Most companies have found data conversion to take time and effort. A company's image can be transformed by switching from one format to another. It makes it easier to keep data, send it around, share it, and get at it. Companies often outsource the tedious but necessary operation of organizing and converting unprocessed raw data.

Huge gains are in store for those who successfully find and work with the top data conversion services.Let's have a look at many of the primary benefits.

Let's take a look at why data conversion is a good choice for outsourcing

Choices galore

There are numerous format choices available for the transformation. The conversion can be made in various formats, including OCR, Document, HTML, PDF, XML, and Word.

Extensive Cost Savings

Large sums of money can be saved when businesses employ the services of third parties to convert their data. It's mostly due to an emphasis on keeping running costs to a minimum. Again, you can avoid spending money on staffing by using data conversion services.

Using cutting-edge equipment

When you outsource data conversion services to a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, you can be assured that the job will be done correctly every time, thanks to the BPO's use of cutting-edge hardware and software.

Trained professionals

Professionals in the data conversion industry must be adept at troubleshooting and providing clients with services that are free of mistakes.

Error Free

Completely error-free due to the expertise and experience of the data conversion specialists. If you outsource your data, you can stop worrying about mistakes. One of the reasons why Interstellar Accounting has been so successful is because of the competent team they've assembled to handle data conversions for their clients.

Data Conversion Services from Interstellar Accounting Have Many Advantages

Interstellar Accounting uses cutting-edge, encrypted technology to ensure the safety of our client's data during the conversion process. Quality assurance is at the heart of our specialist data conversion services, which we offer to companies of all sizes and in any part of the world. To reach us, phone +1-844-422-9420, our toll-free number.

  • A dependable and expandable model of outsourcing to meet the needs of your business
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Skilled data managers
  • Proven methods for getting the most out of your data
  • Strict nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) in place to protect sensitive information
  • Ongoing support from our team to answer any questions that may arise
  • Using false information to money and effort for save enterprises

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Service Offerings

Almost any form of data conversion is within our capabilities. Among the many file types we support are:

PDF Conversion

We can take data from both read-only and editable PDF files and transform it into a simple format.

HTML Conversion

We have the cutting-edge technologies to quickly transform your Flash, PPT, RTF, Text, PDF, and Design files into HTML.

XML Conversion

Our experts can quickly and easily transform your historical data from its current, outmoded format into XML so it may be published online without delay.

eBook Conversion

Our speciality is transforming print books, paper documents, and web pages into digital formats such as ePub3, Mobi, HTML, Word, PDF, and InDesign.

Document Conversion

With cutting-edge OCR technology, we can swiftly transform your scanned documents, files, or images into HTML, Word, or any other digital format you require.

XLS, CSV Data Conversion

With over 98% accuracy, our pros can transform your scanned files containing data tables into CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or other spreadsheet formats.

Our Comprehensive Data Conversion Services

We improve operational efficiencies by converting a wide range of complicated or unstructured data into standard forms, allowing for faster data processing, retrieval, and intelligent use of data.

Why go with Interstellar Accounting?

Benefit from a firm's expertise that has helped thousands of businesses adopt QuickBooks.

Compatibility improvements

Facilitate data sharing and integration across software, hardware, and operating systems for enhanced interoperability.

Management of Data that is Simplified

Putting information into a structured format makes it easier to store, retrieve, and use, which improves data management overall.

Better Availability

Data conversion makes better use and analysis of data assets possible because it makes information available across devices and platforms.

Regularising Information

Data must be converted into consistent forms, structures, or units to be compatible with and compliant with industry-specific standards and laws.s

Adaptive Methodologies

We have a refined method for converting documents that ensures accurate individualization. We have access to a big talent pool to ramp up production quickly.

Best Practice Processes

Offer your team the benefit of your years of experience in accounting and financial reporting. Switch your company's focus from "what we've been doing" to "what the best businesses do.


Certified QuickBooks Experts

Our staff of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors has the knowledge and experience you need in a business partner, having completed thousands of QuickBooks implementations and engagements in all fifty states. Find assistance in setting up and running your company's most efficient version of QuickBooks.

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Inter Stellar Accounting

Long-term success is something we 'drive' at Inter Stellar Accounting by employing a tried and true client engagement process.

1. Discover

We first analyse your systems and current procedures to identify the source of the problem and the obstacles you may face.

2. Right Fit

Learn which items are ideal for you through honest and open discussions with our staff.

3. Inform

We want any obstacles uncovered and removed via our detailed and informative project scoping process.

4. Vision Implementation

You start your project to collect the necessary information for making intelligent financial judgements.

5. Endless Execution

We routinely inspect all operational systems and output to guarantee that your investment is being put to good use.

Why Choose Interstellar Accounting ?

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All Time Response

Have a query about accounting? You can access our services anytime you want as we work round the clock and are active 24X7 just for you.

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We Value You

We work towards creating a close-knit relationship with all our clients, and diligently maintain a strong relationship with you.

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We give you the best ideas and cost-effective solutions so that have the leverage and control you need to decide the types of services you require.

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Interstellar Accounting works strenuously to ensure you receive your financial reports before the due date so that you don’t delay in making crucial decisions.

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We not only work on the day to day tasks, but we also give you valuable insights that can help you take your business to new heights.

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Streamlined technology

Being equipped with all the latest trends that are happening in technology, we ensure that you achieve 100% profit, always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data conversion aims to preserve all data and as much associated metadata as practicable. This is only possible if the target format can accommodate the same set of features and data structures as the original.

Data conversion tools, however, are made to streamline this procedure by providing robust functions and features. Complex systems like field-to-field mapping, data profiling, and other similar tasks can be greatly simplified with the help of data conversion software.

Standard, no, and user-defined nonstandard conversion are all viable options. All character sets that only use one byte are affected by this. Double-byte character sets (DBCS) or graphical character sets

The "data conversion" refers to moving information from one file type to another. The process by which an application saves its data to more than one file format is called "exporting," it can be used to save manual data conversion.