Refund Policy

The services which are provided by Interstellar Accounting have these following rights to cancellation:

  • The right of cancellation is valid until 15 days after the payment is done and will be applicable only with solid reason.
  • This refund policy doesn’t stand valid for one-time fixation

The valid reasons for which a client can ask for the refund are:

  • Services or the product that are offered to us is defected or malfunctioned
  • When the services promised to us were not delivered on time
  • Due to duplicate payment


Interstellar Accounting is known for first reviewing the refund request of their clients and then after proper assessment, the refund process is started. You can call us on our registered phone number (+1-(844)-422-9811) or can email us at for raising refund request. Don’t forget to mention the mode of payment that was done by you. Once the refund request is processed, you will be informed by email or call.